While similar in structure and special features, there are a few notable differences we’d like to discuss. The soft mesh construction is extra breathable and cool for both you and baby. For hands-on mothers, there is this frame backpack as an SL option: the carrying system is specially adapted to the female anatomy â€“ for mothers looking for a child carrier that fits them perfectly with slimmer shoulder straps and conically shaped hip fins. This product has been replaced by the similar but updated Deuter Kid Comfort Pro. We like that it includes a rain cover and sunshade. We’ve been testing and loving the Boba Kid Carrier since 2010. The change was even greater for his wife as journeys from the car to the cliff were really quite limited with a buggy as the mode of transport. This is the most expensive child carrier on the list, but it’s full of features. The Kid Comfort offers the most rest options for passengers: the large, soft pillow gently braces a tired child‘s head even in the corners of the pack so that naps can occur anywhere outdoors. Don’t forget: The entire point is to enjoy being outside together. After several tests had been performed on the prototype and problems that arose, Bernd Kullmann decided to take action. Deuter Child carrier Kid Comfort Pro. There is also a sun roof and a mirror for a quick rear-view of the child on the back. These are the best baby and child carriers for maximum comfort, value, and safety. The adult carrying the child must be very cautious when bending forward or leaning. It’s a favorite among our dad testers. In doing so, he had to find a solution to a big problem â€“ the back length of the “American” fitted Bernd, but was too large for his more petite wife. But with the right gear and a few helpful tips, the entire family will enjoy playing outside. This pack doesn’t work for front, outward-facing carry, but this is a must-have for babies who ride inward-facing. Have a favorite hiking baby carrier we missed? At the end of the day, the main goal is to foster a love of the outdoors in our kids. In which case, something like the BABYBJÖRN Air One or the Deuter Air would be a good choice. The Deuter Kid Comfort I was born. The development of our frame backpacks is a good example. Anyone who runs hot or hikes in warm weather will appreciate this carrier. The carrier seat, the safety belt system and the access for the child are the best and safest that the market has to offer right now.”. “I want to go up there!”, he says with enthusiasm.”. And it dries extremely quickly. The large, padded, lumbar-support waistband makes carrying even heavier children comfortable. Deuter has continuously developed the TÜV-certified Kid Comfort children carriers in recent years. If you have friends with a carrier, ask to test it out or head over to your local REI or secondhand gear shop to try on a few before buying. And the cockpit design means the kid can load up from the top or side, an option independent toddlers love. Pros: Designed for women, lightweight The TÜV colleague had completely forgotten about the test setup, however, and rushed to the test. “We call this new Kid Comfort Pro ‘the throne,’ because it’s far and away the most spacious and luxurious ride available for the little ones,” said Deuter USA President Bill Hartrampf. Pros: Light and intuitive Almost half a year after the discussion with paediatric surgeon Bahr, the prototypes were completed and ready for the next step. The smaller the child is, the wider apart their legs should be when seated.”. The person carrying the child must be aware at all times that an unexpected movement, whether it is their own or that of the child, may affect their balance. The professional child carrier comes with an integrated, separately useable day pack for quick runs to the changing room or en route to the buggy. 2 oz. Which Kid Comfort (KC) carrier is right for me? With a 48.5-pound capacity and seven stash pockets, you can rest assured knowing you’ll have everything you need for a day on the trail. It’s worth trying on a few to decide what fits best. The Kid Comfort offers the most options for passengers: the … The new, compact, Lite Aircontact backsystem with ventilation makes this child carrier as lightweight as possible. Pros: Comfortable, soft, lightweight, How far will you go? From a new plastic joint with spacers to avoid children getting their fingers stuck in the frame to pollutant tests, safety instructions and an endurance test, there was a lot to do. While I chose the Deuter Kid Comfort as my top pick for hiking with my daughter, it was a difficult choice to make. The options range from simple fabric packs to full-frame backpacks. 13 oz. And we like that the mesh on the side of the cockpit keeps kids cool. Pros: Comfortable suspension system, integrated sunshade, — anywhere your wheels can roll. GearJunkie may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article. These are great for traveling and running errands, as you can quickly move the baby in and out. The Kid Comfort is only suitable for adults transporting children. Despite its minimalistic, athletic build, the Kid Comfort Active child carrier’s seating area is an absolute comfort-zone and features a simple to use, easily accessible safety harness. This is one of those instances where trying a few on can really help. We’ve spent two years testing the gamut of packs while hiking in the north Georgia mountains, exploring the Pacific Northwest, marking miles around our neighborhoods, and traveling overseas. The amazing headrest on the Deuter Kid Comfort Pro 3 can be a God-send on long trails. £67.50 postage. From next-gen tech to ingenious innovation, our weekly peek at emerging products examines the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design. Deuter Kid Comfort Pro Child Carrier (2) $330.00 3 models Deuter Aircontact Lite SL 35L + 10 Backpack - Womens As Low As (Save Up to 28%) $136.00 Coupon Available “But after about an hour, she screamed so loudly that we couldn’t calm her down”, he remembers. Osprey offers two excellent child carrier packs, which mainly differ by size (volume for equipment) and thus price: the… Falling or slipping may lead to the child getting severely injured. The child must not stand on top of the child carrier’s seat. Every year, the Zugspitze attracts many hikers to its summit. £44.52. The top-of-the-line Kid Comfort Pro incorporates all the features of Kid Comfort with the addition of an integrated day pack and a pronounced, extra-tall, high-back padded cockpit for kids. Free shipping BOTH ways on deuter kid comfort 3 from our vast selection of styles. His conclusion: “With the development of child carriers in the late 90s, Deuter revolutionised the exercise culture of children and parents alike and, thus, contributed to a healthier neurophysiological development of children.” Weight: 7 lbs. £259.97. We like that the large hip pockets can fit a phone, chapstick, and plenty of snacks. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Deuter Kid Comfort Pro - Midnight at Amazon.com. The large sunshade protects baby from UV rays and easily stows in a zippered compartment. Cons: Small hydration pocket. Bernd Kullmann â€“ former managing director of Deuter â€“ developed the first prototypes and tested them with his children. But if you plan to regularly hit the trail or want to head out on a backpacking trip, you’ll need a pack with extras like a sunshade and storage (like the Thule Elite Sapling). And the kickstand is rather difficult to deploy when it’s on your back. Shopping around for the best carrier for your family? It’s important to consider the comfort of the adult doing the carrying and the kiddo riding along. With nine pockets and a 26L capacity, you can easily stash everything you need for a day on the trails. The toy attachment loops on the Osprey Poco AG Plus are great at combating boredom. If you’re looking for more storage, the Deuter Kid Comfort Pro is a great pick. Make sure that the seat belt is adjusted exactly to your child’s requirements. After much search, debate, and research we found the best solution to our travel dilemma was a quality kid carrier, and the best one we found was the Deuter Kid Comfort III Kid Carrier. Weight: Info not available In fact, hitting the trails is one of our favorite family activities. 14.4 oz. They can easily ride on the back, and the carrier is light enough to take along just in case. They had been enjoying life too much and were spending a large part of their time in the mountains climbing and skiing. Do not place the child carrier with the child inside on tables or high surfaces. The new, compact Lite Air contact back with ventilation makes this child carrier absolutely lightweight. The child is afforded great comfort: the large, soft pillow gently braces the tired child’s head, even in the corners, and supports a relaxing nap. Baby can be up to 25 pounds in this one, but I like it best for those first few months. The Kid Comfort Pro is made with Deuter’s specially formulated AirComfort Sensic Vario mesh backsystem. Sure, you could save a few bucks here, but if you plan to hike a lot, it may be worth going with a proven child carrier. It works from newborn to 3 years old (or 45 pounds) and is very intuitive to use. The side access and the easy-to-access belt system of the child frame ensure safety â€“ guaranteed by the TÜV GS safety seal of approval. “To us, it was a more important mode of transport than the buggy”, says Micha Bahr. A good kid carrier is a must-have for any outdoor family. The Kid Comfort comes with a sun roof add on option which is still great but the fact that this one folds up inside is genius. Thirty minutes later, Bernd got a call back. Our long-term production partner was aghast at this idea at first and wondered what these Germans had come up with this time. Bernd Kullmann â€“ former managing director of Deuter â€“ has frequently been asked where the ideas for new Deuter products come from. Check the child carrier for any damage before each use. One of the most important features is a sunshade. The Lenzing modal fabric is made from Austrian beechwood trees and manufactured in the USA. 9.6 oz. He and his wife decided to have a family relatively late in life. Learn how to live, work, and play — and stay connected! My favorite added feature is the built in sun roof! While there isn’t a single best baby carrier to best suit every hiking family, we’ve listed a wide variety of options and organized the best baby carriers of 2020 into practical categories. When it comes down to Deuter Kid Comfort vs Thule Sapling vs Osprey Poco child carriers, the choice between all 3 premium backpacks can make you want to end up buying all of them! The result amazed both of them: after 75,000 load changes, the baby carrier was still completely intact.

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